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Camera Ready Art

Camera-ready artwork means just what the name implies - the material you bring to Printing Services is completed, ready to be photographed and used as the original for your requested printing job - no type is to be set, no artwork to be done, no changes to be made. Your job will be printed directly from what you give us, therefore, the quality of your finished product relies heavily on the quality of the work you submit. This correlation makes it very important to follow certain guidelines to achieve the best results.

For best results, camera-ready originals should be typewritten or laser printer generated on white bond paper. On documents that require signatures, be sure they are signed with a black pen.

Corrections should be made with white correction fluid designed for copiers, provided it is done neatly, completely and with care. Remember the camera will photograph exactly what it sees. Allow 1/2 inch margins at the top of your original and at least 1/4 inch at the bottom. Page numbers should not appear within these minimal margins.

When using photographs and illustrations, be sure to indicate their placement and note how you want them to be cropped.

The standard format for planning the sequence of pages, blanks and page numbers is odd number on the right side - even number on the left side.

The resolutions listed below should be used when scanning your own artwork.

  • Photographs - 300 dpi
  • Line art - 1270 dpi

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