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Content, Paper, and Ink

Newsletters are a popular form of communication.  Many newsletters are printed each month for departments, administrative units and organizations on campus. Considerable flexibility of format is available, but some standardization can increase the efficiency as well as decrease the cost and time necessary to produce a quality newsletter. Consult the office staff of Printing Services before planning your newsletter.     

After your job format is selected, you should present your original copy (text) to Printing Services. If we are to typeset and layout your newsletter, brochure, book or booklet, the copy should be submitted neatly, preferably typed, double-spaced and marked for type (designation of style, size, line length, etc.) This can be achieved with the assistance of Printing Services personnel. More information is available in the section on Composition.     

Illustrations can enhance the effectiveness of your publication. Simple line drawings in black ink are striking and economical. Photographs should be high contrast black and white glossy prints.     

The choice of binding for books and booklets may vary according to the number of pages and the purpose of the book. Refer to the Binding and Finishing section for more information.

Paper and Ink

There are no rules for selection of paper and ink except suitability, taste, time and expense. Colored or multiple inks are more expensive and may require extended layout time and additional production processes. Unusual paper stocks that must be ordered from a paper mill can be expensive and may require additional time for delivery.

Paper for printed media and covers range in weight, texture, composition, color and cost. Some designs demand the dramatic contrast of black ink on white-coated paper, while others need particular finishes and color to carry out mood or style of design.

Colored inks on colored papers provide a vast range of opportunities and potential problems. Our inks are transparent and, therefore, are affected by paper color and absorbency.

The best guides in selecting colored inks for colored paper are the printed samples provided by paper company representatives. Samples of paper stock (swatches) as well as a large variety of coordinating ink colors are available for review in the office of Printing Services. Feel free to ask our staff to assist you in your selection.

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