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Copyright Statement

It is the responsibility of Printing Services to monitor the printing of copyrighted material. However, Printing Services will accept no responsibility, in any way, in connection with the presence or absence of proper acknowledgments or copyright notices; the legality of copy furnished for printing is the sole responsibility of the user or person making the printing request.

It is also the user's responsibility to see that the correct copyright notice, if any, is attached to all materials which are submitted and to obtain from the legal owner the necessary permission for the use or reproduction of copyrighted material.

The latest revision of the U. S. copyright law was passed by Congress in 1976, with implications for teachers, students, researchers and libraries. The law is explicit in defining the extent to which specific materials can be used in and out of the classroom.

Anyone who is in doubt as to the copyright statutes of proposed printing may examine U. S. Code Title 17 - Copyrights, Public Law 94-553, Statute Law 90STAT.2451 in the Government Documents Room of Dupré Library.

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