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Finishing & Bindery

Finishing and binding includes such tasks as trimming, collating, folding, perforating, stapling,drilling holes, padding, numbering, punching and binding. Any finishing work desired should be requested at the time the job is submitted.

A variety of binding methods are available. You should select the process appropriate to the purpose and design of your printing job.

Perfect Binding - This form of binding glues the pages at the spine and adheres one sheet of cover stock around the front, back and spine of the book. The paper covered spine can be printed on and because it is one uninterrupted sheet, the design on the front cover can continue to the back.

Corner Staple - This is the least expensive form of binding. A staple is placed in the upper left corner. The maximum thickness allowed is 1/2" or approximately 100 sheets.

Saddle Stitch - Staples are forced through the spine of the book with the ends folded down between the two center pages to create the saddle stitch. The number of pages must be a multiple of four and should not exceed 100 pages, or 25 sheets. Thicker books tend to tear at the spine when trimmed. This method of binding is fast and inexpensive and offers the opportunity for a wrap around design on the cover.

Spiral and Coil Binding - These methods are relatively expensive and slow because of material costs, the number of steps in the binding procedure and the handwork involved.  This type of binding does have advantages - a book will lie flat when open, and more pages can be added after the initial printing. This method can be ideal for low quantity orders. The spiral binders are available in red, white, and black. The largest spiral will hold a maximum of 225 sheets. The coil binders are available in red and black. The largest coil will hold a maximum of 150 sheets.

Hole Punch - This is merely the act of cutting holes along the spine so that the pages may be inserted into any standard note book, clip board or binder.

In addition to binding, Printing Services offers several other services:

  • Collating
  • Folding
  • Tabbing
  • Padding
  • Numbering
  • Perforating
  • Scoring
  • Trimming
  • Laminating
  • Shrinkwrapping

Folding Options

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