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Sharing a Calendar

  1. Login to Zimbra Web Client.
  2. Click the Calendar tab.
  3. Right click the calendar of interest.
  4. Select Share Calendar.
  5. Under Share with, select Internal users or groups.
  • Enter Email:
  • Select Role.
  • Optionally check “Allow user(s) to see my private appointments.”
  • Zimbra will send an email (they will Accept or Decline).
  1. Click OK

See a Shared Calendar in Outlook

Any Outlook Calendar user can access a shared calendar.

Once a calendar is specifically shared with a user through the web client, an email goes out to the recipient of the share. Each email must be opened individually in the web client (

To access a shared calendar:

  1. Log in to the web client ( and accept the share.
  2. Make sure that the Zimbra Connector is installed and connected.
  •         Outlook 2010: In Outlook, click the Zimbra tab.
  •         Outlook 2007: With your Outlook calendar open, go to the View menu, point to Toolbars, and make sure that Zimbra Connector is selected.


2.  Share the calendar's status.

  •     Outlook 2010: Click Share Status.



  •     Outlook 2007: Click the Share Status button, located in the bottom left corner of the window.

3.  Select the box of the calendar(s) you wish to access and then click OK.


Note:  If the calendar you wish to access is not listed please add it to your list of calendars in the web client first and re-open the list in Outlook.

4.  The shared calendar displays in your list of calendars. Select the shared calendar to view it.
Note: This also opens all mailboxes, calendars, contact lists, and tasks to which you have access in that user's account



Editing Calendar Sharing

  1. Right click the calendar of interest.
  2. Select Edit Properties.

You can:

  • see with whom you are sharing the calendar folder.
  • see the role assigned.
  • edit permissions, revoke sharing, resend initiations.
  • add another share.
  1. Click OK