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Broadcast Email Service

University Computing Support Services (UCSS) has the capability of sending broadcast email messages to all faculty, staff and student e-mailboxes or some identifiable subset.  Requests for broadcast email messages can be made from employees at the Department Head level or above.  A request for a broadcast email should contain the following information:

  • the release date
  • the intended audience for the message
  • the email address of the sender of the message (this address will receive any replies to the broadcast message)
  • a subject line for the email message
  • the copy of the message in plain text

The request containing all of the above information should be sent to the Director of UCSS approximately one week before the release date for approval.  In order to be approved messages must be relevant to the majority of the people who will receive the message. Messages should be text only. The message may direct the recipient to a web address if more graphical content is desired.  If the Director feels that a message requires administrative approval, approval will be requested from the appropriate dean or vice president of the requesting department.