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ISIS /TSO/ Financial Aid Request for Access Form

Complete the following form to request new or additional access to ISIS (IDMSPROD), TSO, or Financial Aid (IDMSSAM).

Important Points About UL Lafayette Computing and Network Use
UL Lafayette provides you with computer and network access to facilitate your personal work and/or study responsibilities at UL Lafayette. Personal enrichment activities may be acceptable, if these do not consume resources required for critical use or otherwise interfere with such use.
• Use for personal profit or to operate a business is not acceptable and may be grounds for the loss of computing privileges.
• Use on behalf of an organization, even a nonprofit one, is only acceptable if prior approval is received in writing from the UL Lafayette administration.
Never allow someone else to use your account. You are responsible for usage under the access codes issued to you. Keep your password secret.
• Use of someone else’s account or otherwise electronically impersonating another is unacceptable and may be grounds for loss of computing privileges for either or both accounts.
• Use of computer or network facilities that interfere with, annoy, or harass other computer users, whether at UL Lafayette or at any other site throughout the world, is unacceptable and may be grounds for loss of computing privileges.
• The University is co-owner of any files you create. A system administrator may inspect your files to resolve system problems.  Anyone who sponsors or supervises your computing activities will also have access to inspect your files.
• You may be billed for inappropriate use, deliberate wasteful or destructive use of resources, and for staff time required to investigate and resolve problems resulting from inappropriate use.
By clicking on the submit button below you are signifying you are requesting this computing account for your own use and will be responsible for any computing activities done on this account.  You also acknowledge and understand UL Lafayette policies governing the use of computing facilities and networks. You further acknowledge and understand that your UL Lafayette computer use is subject to all applicable State and Federal laws.


For Financial Aid please select IDMSSAM. For IDMSPROD please select ISIS.
If you need both ISIS and TSO access, place a check mark next to each one.
If replacing a previous employee, what is the name and CLID, if known, of that previous employee
Indicate the TSO jobs to which you need access to.
Your account can be structured similar to a co-worker within your department or a previous employee.
Include screen(s) needed and the level of access needed for that(those) screen(s).