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Printing Services

The University Print Shop is a full service printing and production facility serving the printing needs of the University community. Their services offer the latest techniques in typesetting, desktop publishing, design and layout support, single and multi color offset printing, high speed duplicating, delivery and pickup. In the early stages of publication development,consulting with Printing Services will allow for invaluable input into design and cost cutting tips. This pre-planning step greatly enhances the effectiveness, quality and timeliness of the printed piece. Printing Services is staffed with creative and versatile professionals - we offer a wide selection of formats and sizes to create work tailored to your specific needs.

Printing Services would like to work closely with you to schedule your next publication project. They offer individual or group tours to those interested in learning about the production printing processes. Their tours are designed to introduce users to the wide variety of services offered and to guide users in the planning and preparation of future needs.

The main office of Printing Services is located at 439 Coliseum Drive, directly behind Blackham Coliseum.
Please call (337) 482-6341 to arrange a consultation.