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Creating a Group Chat

1. In the Buddies menu on the Buddy List window, click Join Chat.

2. Enter the following:

  • Account: your address
  • Room: enter the name you want to use for your chat room; spaces are not allowed
  • Server:
  • Handle: enter the name or nickname you want to use in the group chat
  • Password: leave blank

3. Click Join to create a new chat room.
4. When the Create New Room dialog box is displayed, click Accept Defaults

5. To invite buddies to join the chat, go to the Conversation menu in the chat room and click Invite

6. Enter the address of the buddy you want to invite to the chat, add a message if you wish, and then click Invite.

Accepting an Invitation to a Group Chat

1. When you are invited to join a group chat, you will receive an invitation. Click Accept to join the chat

2. The chat room will be displayed and your name will be added to the list of people in the room.

Creating Handle in a Group Chat

If you were invited to a group chat, you will need to add the conversation to your chats list and create a handle; otherwise your name will show up as your CLID.

1. In the Conversation menu on the Group Chat window, click Add


2. Fill in ONLY the following and click add:

  • Handle: enter the name or nickname you want to use in the group chat

Once you exit the chat window and reopen it from your Chats List, your name will appear as what you set as Handle.