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Miscellaneous Software

Open Source Software

Many of the titles below are available for direct installation on your University owned MAC or PC.  Select a platform below to learn more about freely available software for University owned hardware:

The titles below are also available for your personally owned MAC or PC.  Click the link for the software title to find out more.

University Recommended Software

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Office and Productivity Software

AV and Multimedia Software

Remote Access

  • PuTTY (SSH/Telnet Client and Terminal Emulator)
  • KiTTY (SSH/Telnet Client and Terminal Emulator)

File Transfer

  • FileZilla (FTP Client)
  • winSCP (SFTP, SCP, and FTP Client)
  • Cyberduck (FTP/SFTP/WebDAV Client with support for various cloud base services)


Linux Distributions

WARNING: The CD/DVD images downloaded from these sites, including the LiveCDs, have the capability of completely removing all of the information on your computer's hard drives. Please ensure that you have a complete backup of your system before experimenting.