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Leaving the University?

University of Louisiana at Lafayette policy states that once you have separated from the University (for reasons other than retirement), you will no longer have access to University IT resources. 

Tips to help you make a smooth transition from the University:

  • Forward your University email messages to another email account.
  • Set up a auto-reply message in your University email letting the sender know your new email address where you can be reached.
  • Save your University email messages to a file.
  • Re-assign any departmental aliases associated with your account.
  • Return any University owned resources (cell phones, laptops, etc.).

Specific conditions that apply to your role at the University:


On the 14th day of class in the Fall and Spring semesters computer accounts of all non-registered students are deleted. This applies to graduating students and those dropping courses. All files associated with the accounts are also deleted.

Some helpful tips to ensure you don't lose any data:

  • Log into a STEP lab machine and copy all files you wish to save to an external device such as a USB memory stick.
  • Graduating students should use a non address when preparing resumes and job applications.
  • Ensure all documents kept online with Office 365 are saved onto a local source. When you end your relationship with the University, you lose access to Office 365.

NOTE: If you later re-register at the University, you will have the same CLID.  None of the personal data files from previous semesters are restored to the account.

Retired Employees

Upon leaving, retired faculty and staff will no longer have access to ISIS.  Retiring faculty and staff are allowed to keep their email account. We recommend you use the Zimbra Web Client to access your University Email.

Please contact the IT Help Desk, SMH 201, if you have any questions. 

NOTE: Once an account is deleted, the data files cannot be restored.