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PC Repair 101

"Too err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer."

PC's are great for automating tasks, keeping you informed, and even providing a degree of entertainment.  But when they don't work, it can cause a level of frustration and stress never before seen on the face of the planet.  

Relax, we have you covered.  Below are a few tips and tricks you can use to try to straighten things out.  If all else fails, call the experts, we're here 2HELP!


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University Owned PC Repair

The PC Depot performs all maintenance and repair of University owned computer systems.  The PC Depot staff are Dell Certified technicians who are highly knowledgeable in troubleshooting, warranty repair, and routine maintenance.  

There are also skilled Mac experts on hand to assist with the repair or warranty work on any University owned Apple device.

If you have any problems with your University owned device,

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Video & Web Conferencing Rates

Currently, the rates for use of the video conferencing rooms are below.  The rates are broken down to cover various groups of individuals.  Please scan the list and determine which group you would fall into and you will find the appropriate charges.  If you have any questions, please call 482-6418.

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Video & Web Conferencing

Service Description

All video conferencing resources are scheduled through the IMN Media Services office, including classes for credit and non-credit, meetings, and other university-related activities. Three classroom facilities are available for University personnel; a fourth facility is available for public rental.

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Service Rates

The Office of Information Technology strives to provide low cost or no cost quality products and services to the campus.  As we continue to provide better and more resilient services to the campus we sometimes need to recoup some of the cost of the services from our customers.  Below are specific rate schedules for those products and services:

Computing Services Rates

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Cellular/Mobile/Wireless Telephone Service

How to Order

Requests are initiated by calling 337-482-CELL [22355] OR by completing the on-line request form.  All requests must include full justification and appropriate department approval is required before the request is processed for consideration.   The request for wireless telephone service MUST indicate that the use of alternative means of communicating have been considered and are less economical, impractical, or unavailable.  

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Cell Phone Coverage on Campus

Students, staff and visitors experience variations in cell phone service on Campus.  Each cell phone provider makes decisions about the service level they provide in each city and rural area across the country.  You (not the University), as a cell phone customer, have a voice in getting your cell phone provider to provide the service you need. Learn about WiFi calling, as it will improve your call quality on campus.

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