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IT Departments

The IT Department at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette consists of three departments: Computing Support Services, Office of Information Systems, and Information and Media Networks.

Computing Support Services (UCSS) provides the following facilities and services:

  • University Computing Support (UCS) Sun facility.  The UCS Sun facility provides email, the primary campus web server, statistical packages and other tools of interest to academic users.
  • Tescan.  Automated test scoring can be done by faculty via the Tescan facility.
  • Network configuration for on-campus PCs.  Support is provided for all on-campus personal computers.
  • The IT Help Desk provides consultation, documentation, and other assistance to faculty, staff and students using PCs, Macs, or UNIX

The Office of Information Systems (OIS) provides the following facilities and services:

  • The IBM Mainframe (MVS).  ISIS accounts on MVS provide administrative database access.  TSO accounts on MVS provide a few academic and administrative applications.  This system is accessible from any terminal or personal computer that can connect to the network.   Any accounts provided to students on this system must be under the supervision of a faculty or staff member.
  • The ISIS Database.  The ISIS database incorporates most of the administrative  information in the University.  Faculty advisors may obtain accounts to access student records.  Departmental administrative staff may use it to access departmental records.
  • On-line Registration.  The enrollment status of all classes is updated daily. ULink is supported as a means of registering for classes or obtaining grades.

Information and Media Networks (IMN) provides the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with five distinctive areas of service.

  • Network Services which provides connectivity among the computing facilities.  The goal is to provide every terminal or PC with the option to connect to all computational power on campus.  Network Services also provides telephone communications for the campus.
  • Media Services which coordinates scheduling of video conferencing rooms for meetings held via video conferencing equipment and distance learning classes.
  • Printing Services supports University printing and production needs.
  • Operator Services assists in obtaining any information needed concerned  with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
  • A/V Services provides the user of audio visual equipment to University personnel.

It is Information and Media Networks' responsibility and goal to strive for the best possible outcome in assisting and providing solutions to communication problems.