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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette will seek from all qualified vendors, proposals to install and implement an integrated administrative information system (or ERP) system. The University is seeking proposals from qualified vendors that provide state-of-the-art software and implementation services.  The vendor must be the software product vendor and implementation service provider.  A contract will be awarded to the vendor who can best meet the needs as defined in our RFP.

Specific components of the solutions-based RFP will include software acquisition, implementation services, training and documentation services, multiyear support and maintenance contracts, and financing.  A two-phase evaluation and grading process will be utilized to select the vendor.  An objective matrix of grading criteria for Phase I will include an evaluation of the vendor, functional applicability, technical applicability, implementation services, integration with existing University information technology assets, support and maintenance, and total cost of ownership.  The two vendors with the highest grades from Phase I will be asked to make presentations to the University community utilizing demonstration scripts prepared by the ERP Procurement Team to assess each vendor’s ability to meet University requirements.

One key advantage of an ERP implementation is the ability of the institution to undergo business process realignment.  The University will strive to align newly derived processes with industry best practice and native system functionality.  Since the functionality of the higher education ERP market leaders is user driven, best practice can be achieved in a vanilla installation and implementation.  The business process realignment, functional configuration, and training will be provided by vendor consultants that have experience in each of the functional areas in which they will support.