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University Wireless Initiative

The University is currently expanding the wireless network to enhance the student technology experience on campus

During the summer of 2010, a team of students, faculty and staff were assembled to review and recommend a new wireless plan for the University.  The team conducted a student survey and leveraged classroom utilization data to set deployment priorities and define campus requirements, use cases, and priorities for expanding and enhancing the University's aging wireless network and wireless management infrastructure.  

Based on the data collected and recommendations made by the "Wireless Futures Committee", the plan involved the following components:

  • study and accomodate the "use cases" identified by students and campus residents
  • define a forward looking "standard" for wireless access points and infrastructure
  • identify and set deployment priorities for campus buildings and sites
  • solicit a "phased in" funding mechanism for the plan from STEP/SGA

In December, 2010, based on the above plan, the SGA approved and allocated the funding necessary to begin the project.  Information and Media Networks made the initial purchases of infrastructure hardware, management software, access points, and training.  The first deployment was Dupre' Library.

Replacement of Legacy Equipment

Due to the success of the initial 2010 project, two additional STEP grants were funded in the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 to replace and upgrade older, legacy wireless access points on campus.  These projects are currently underway are are represented in the roadmap below#.

Project Roadmap

Building/Site Status
Dupre' Library
Angelle Hall
Conference Center 3rd Floor#
Conference Center 4th Floor#
HL Griffin Hall
Baker Hall*
Conference Center 2nd Floor#
QEP Classrooms (Univ 200)
Picard Center*
Mobile Command Post*
Declouet Hall*
Oliver Tower*
Fletcher Hall
Bourgeouis Hall#
Rougeou Hall
OK Allen Hall*
Huger Hall*
Burke-Hawthorne Hall
Wharton Hall
Stephens Hall
Abdalla (Emergency Operations Center)*
Billeaud Hall
Hamilton Hall
Foster Hall*
Martin Hall (Student Areas)#
Madison Hall
Mouton Hall#
Lee Hall
Broussard Hall
Montgomery Hall
Conference Center 1st Floor#
James R. Oliver Hall#
Conference Center Mezzanine
Judice Hall#
Maxim Doucet Hall#
Moody Hall#
Abdalla Hall#
Outdoor (Quadrangle)
Outdoor (Rex Street Bus stop)
University Bookstore*
Girard Hall*
Coronna Hall*
Bonin Hall*
Legacy Park*
Parker Hall
E.K. Long Gym
Martin Hall (All other areas)
Indoor Practice Field (Athletic Complex)
Athletic Administration Building
Outdoor (Baker/Huger)
Outdoor (Coronna/Bonin)
Visual Arts Annex

* Project funded from alternative source.
#Project funded via Legacy Replacement grants.
=Completed, = Work In Progress,  = Future Project