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Help Desk - Auto Channel Scan Fails & Other Cox Issues

In order to take advantage of the full channel lineup, you will need a digital television with a built in QAM turner. This built in QAM turner will enable you to receive the Cox digital cable channels directly on your television. 

Most televisions today are digital/QAM compliant, however less expensive or budget televisions may not be. To find out if your television has a QAM tuner, check the specifications in your owner's manual, or visit the manufacturer’s website.

If your TV is not QAM compatible, you can purchase an off the shelf QAM turner from any electronics retailer or purchase a digital/QAM compliant television.

To receive the Cox on Campus channel line-up on a digital television with a built in QAM turner, please complete the following steps:

  1. Connect coax cable from the wall to your TV (no box is needed)

  2. Set your TV to the Cable setting

  3. Run the "Auto-Scan" function on your TV

If you have performed these steps to receive programming and you still are unable to view more than three channels, please provide the following information.

Learn more about your Cox service HERE.

ex. C00000000
If living in Legacy Park, please provide the specific building.
Ex. Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic etc.
usually located on back on TV
Please provide a detailed description of the problem.