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Official Electronic Signature

The University has an official electronic signature template. Please don’t include images as part of your electronic signature. They increase the size of an email message and may slow its transmission. Electronic signatures should include the information as shown below in examples.

To create a signature:

  1. Open Zimbra Preferences and select Signatures
  2. Click Add Signature and type the name for this signature in the Signature Name field
  3. In the Signature text box, type the signature information exactly as you want it to appear in your messages
  4. In the Using Signatures section of Zimbra, select where the signature should be placed in your messages. Select Above includes messages to add your signature at the end of the your composed, replied to, or forwarded text. Select Below included messages to add the signature at the end of the message
  5. Click Save

Learn more about the University's official electronic signature template on page 24 of the Brand Guide and Graphics Standards Manual

For specific branding questions, please contact the Office of Communications & Marketing.