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Network Registration (NetReg)

NetReg is a term used when connecting a computer or mobile device to the UL Lafayette campus network.  It is defined as registering your computer's network interface card (NIC) on the campus network.  It is a security precaution put in place to ensure only authorized users of the UL Lafayette campus community have access to the network resources.

Once your computer has a connection to the network, either wirelessly or wired, the network compares the unique hardware address of the network card in your computer to a list of authorized addresses.

To see if your computer is netreg'd, connect to the network and open a web browser.  If your device has been registered (NetReg'd) it allows it to communicate.  If it is not present on the authroized list, it prompts you to register by presenting you with a webpage that walks you through the registration process. A self-service registration page is also available.

If you have difficulties NetReg'ing your device, contact the IT Help Desk at 337-482-HELP (4357)  for assistance.