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UConnect Client

The UConnect VPN client is available for download for several platforms.  The following links provide you with the installation software or app for these commonly used platforms.  

Mobile device or smartphone users can copy the provided link into their device's browser for quick access to the app for their device.
Only faculty and staff members of the University may download the installers for Windows and MAC.  You will need to enter your CLID and password to download the file(s).

  • Windows (Windows 7 and above. Windows XP is not supported.)
  • MAC (iMAC, MACBook)
  • Linux
  • iOS* (iPad, iPhone via iTune Store) - *RDP (Remote Desktop) is not available over VPN for iPhone and iPad. Users can access departmental file shares and our restricted-access web sites.
  • Android (via Google Play)

Once the software is installed and configured, you will be able to access UConnect by clicking the icon on your desktop. You will need to enter your ULink password each time you log in.

Fortinet Client IconOne disadvantage of using the VPN client application is that it disrupts your normal internet connection to only allow traffic between your computer at home and the computer you are connecting to on campus. This means that while you are logged in to UConnect, anything you access over the Internet will pass through the University's network. The client application blocks you from using any other Internet-based application such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla, any instant messenger, or Skype.  This is an intentional security feature of the VPN software.  When you disconnect from the VPN client, it restores the restores normal functionality of your internet connection.

Make sure to log off and exit or close the UConnect client window when you are finished with your session.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the IT Help Desk.