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Guest Access to Wireless Network

UL-WiFi Guest Access

UL-Wifi is available to guests visiting the UL Lafayette campus. Simply connect to the UL-WiFi connection with your wifi enabled device, and register as a Guest with either an email, SMS phone, or Facebook account. After entering one of those three pieces of information, the UL-WIFI system will send you a verification email that you need to complete the Guest Connection.

Step By Step

Here are step by step instructions on gaining Guest access to UL-WiFi.

  1. Locate your Wifi connection panel and ensure that UL-Wifi is available. Connect to the UL-Wifi.
  2. Upon connection, your browser may open up and bring you to the Network Registration page. If your browser does not, open it manually, and attempt to navigate to a page.
  3. On the Welcome to the Network page, click the Please click here to connect to the network link.
  4. On the Welcome to the UL Lafayette Network Registration page, click on the Register as a Guest tab. Select either Register as a Guest or Register with Facebook.
  5. Fill out the appropriate information in the boxes presented. Please note that the boxes with asterisk are required. Don’t forget to check the I agree to the Acceptable Use Policy (now might be a good time to read that document).
  6. After hitting accept, you will receive a verification email and a text with a code. Input this code into the blank space provided by the browser. Hit Accept and your device should be registered.