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Creating a Contact Group

A contact group can also be referred to as a distribution list.

1. Login to the Zimbra Web client.

2. Click on the Address Book tab.Choose Address Book tab

3. Click the drop down arrow next to New Contact.

4. Select Contact Group.

Select New Contact Group

5. Create a name for the contact group.

Name the new contact group

6. Add people to the contact groups:
a. Use the search box to find contacts.
b. Enter (or paste) comma separated addresses in box at the bottom right of the screen and click Add.

Search Names


Using the Contact Group

A. Begin typing the name of the contact group in the To: box and select the group when it appears.Type Contact Group Name until Auto-complete option appears

B. Click on To: and locate the group in your address book and click To:.  Once selected, click the OK button.