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Tescan Scoring System

What is TESCAN?

TESCAN (TEet SCanning and ANalysis) is the name of the software program that analyzes data read by the Scantron machine.
University Computing Support Services coordinates the use of several Scantron machines. These machines, located in several buildings on campus, allow faculty to

  • score only multiple choice tests (50 question form or 100 question form)
  • obtain printed results or email results of scoring and test analysis done by computer (TESCAN)
  • read raw data (i.e. surveys) into a data file which can in turn be analyzed by a statistical program such as SAS.

IT has several Scantron machines that can be used for

  • scoring only
  • reading data without scoring
  • scoring and data analysis

When using the third option, faculty members can specify to send the results to an email address.