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OUITEL - Phone Features

Telephone User Guide

Calling Features (* denotes that the feature is not available in dorm rooms)

Call Forwarding* No Calls
Call Waiting*  On Voice
Called - Leave Message* Parked Calls
Conference Calls Redial 
Dialing On Campus Numbers  Ringback
Dialing Off Campus Numbers Transfer
Hurry Calling*  Wake Up
Kwick Dialing* Voicemail

Call Forwarding*

Forwarding calls lets you temporarily send all of your incoming calls to a location of your choice so the calls can be answered. You can forward calls to an on-campus extension number. Use this feature when you will be temporarily at another location and you wish to receive your calls at that remote location.

To temporarily reroute all calls to an extension of your choice:

1. Dial the ON Forward code *F (dialtone)
2. Dial the extension where calls wil be sent. (confirmation tone)
3. Hang up.
NOTE: If you are still at your telephone, you may hear a short tome or ring as each call is forwarded. Some phones have restrictions on where call can be forwarded.

To cancel call forwarding:

1. Dial the OFF Forward code #F (confirmation tone)
-Your calls will ring at your own telephone again.

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Call Waiting*

The Call Waiting feature sends you a distinctive tone if you receive a call while you are on another call. You can go back and forth between the 2 calls, but you can be connected to only one call at a time.

To answer and end your current call

Hang up and your phone will ring with the other caller.

  • 1 ring-internal
  • 2 rings-outside
  • 3 rings-hurry code

Pick up the handset and answer the call.

To put the present call on hold and answer a call waiting tone

  1. Quickly press the switch hook on the phone base.
  2. The current call is placed on hold and you are connected to the waiting call.
  3. To return to the held call, quickly press the switch hook again.

Turn Off Call Waiting

  1. Dial the TURN OFF Call Waiting code 00CW (dialtone).
  2. Dial the data or voice telephone number you desire.

NOTE: If you transfer your call, add to your conference call, or disconnect from a conference call you initiated, TURN OFF Call Waiting will be canceled.

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Called, Leave Message*

To leave a message without ringing the extension

1. Dial the ON called code *C(dialtone)
2. Dial the extension (confirmation tone)
3. Hang up.

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Conference Calls

Conference allows you to add parties to a call, so that you can conduct a 3-way conversation. (If you wish to conference 4-6 parties, call the University operator for assistance). Use this feature to set up time-saving conferences, or to spontaneously include a party important to a discussion.

To add a third party to a call

1. Press [FLASH] and the present call is put on hold.
2. Dial the third party's number.

NOTE: You can privately discuss the call with the third party at this time.  If you don't receive an answer or the number is busy, press [FLASH] twice to return to the call on hold.

3. Press [FLASH] and all three parties are connected.

To drop the third party - Press [FLASH].

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Dialing On-Campus Numbers

Lift the handset and press the 5 (five) digit telephone number of the on-campus party you wish to call.

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Dialing Off-Campus Numbers


You can call a local number by lifting the handset and pressing the 9 key. You will hear immediate (no pause in the) dial tone, dial the 7 digit number you wish to call. If the number dialed is a toll call or an incorrect number you will hear a message. If you hear confirmation tone hang up. All campus circuits are busy and the system will call you when your call can be placed. A 3 ring burst means your call is ready, just lift the handset, no need to redial the digits you have already dialed.

Long Distance


Some administrative offices are authorized for the State LINC network. Personal calls are prohibited (see below for information on how to make personal calls). Off campus dialing begins by obtaining dialtone, pressing the 9 key, and hearing dialtone.

You may dial 9 and NNN-NNN-NNNN, to place LINC calls. Account code entry, if required, is dialed as *9 (dialtone) AAAAAA (dialtone) 9 (dialtone) NNN- NNN-NNNN, where AAAAAA is the account code to be billed for the call. All account codes are six characters long. If your account code includes an "R", replace it with a "0"(zero). If your account code is less than 6 digits long, add "*" (stars) to the end to provide 6 digits.


All off campus dialing begins by obtaining dialtone, pressing the [9] key, and hearing dialtone.

You may dial the [9] and NNN-NNN-NNNN, this long distance call will be sent to the AOS Carrier. You must have a calling card, when you hear the AOS Carrier request tone (splash tone), enter the card number and PIN.


Standard International calls are placed on the AOS Carrier. You may dial 9 then 01 (do not dial 011 or 010) then country code and number. Enter your calling card information when prompted.

If the AOS Carrier does not service the country you wish to call, please use the equal access call procedures.

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Hurry Calling*

Hurry Calling allows some administrative office to call another extension within the system with a distinctive 3-burst ring to indicate that your call requires immediate attention. Use this feature when you have important or timely information for someone. A Hurry Call overrides a No Calls setting.

To place an urgent call (3-burst ring):

1. Dial the ON Hurry code *H (dialtone)
2. Dial the extension.

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Kwick Dialing*

Kwick Dialing allows you to store five selected telephone numbers for quicker and easier dialing. Each number can be a complete or partial telephone number, or an extension number. Numbers on the list are programmable by you. Use this feature as a time saver for dialing frequently called, lengthy, or emergency numbers.

To program or reprogram a personal list item:

  1. Pick up the handset.
  2. On your keypad, Press 01KW# (dialtone)
  3. Dial the desired list item KW number button (dialtone)
  4. Dial the extension number or the complete off-campus digit sequence you want to store (up to 24 digits)
  5. Press #, hear confirmation tone. (Record the personal list item for future reference.)
  6. Hang up to end programming

Using Kwi09, Kwi10, Kwi11, Kwi12 for Kwick Dialing

Press the softkey & below Kwi09 to automatically dial your programmed list item number 1
Press the softkey & below Kwi10 to automatically dial your programmed list item number 2
Press the softkey & below Kwi11 to automatically dial your programmed list item number 3
Press the softkey & below Kwi12 to automatically dial your programmed list item number 4

To place a call using Kwick Dialing (same as analog method)

  1. On your keypad Dial *K (dialtone)
  2. Dial the desired list item number (1 to 5)
    The stored number is automatically dialed

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No Calls

With the no-calls feature, all of your calls are temporarily sent to the extension of the coverage person designated to answer them when you cannot or your voicemail. Use this feature when you will be away from your desk for awhile, or when you do not wish to be interrupted by telephone calls.

To send all incoming calls (except hurry calls) immediately to coverage:

1. Dial the ON No-calls code *N (confirmation tone).
2. Hang up.
NOTE: You may hear a short ring or tone from your telephone as each call is sent to coverage.

To cancel no calls:

1. Dial the OFF No-calls code #N (confirmation tone).
- Your calls ring again at your own telephone.

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On Voice

The ON Voice feature transfers a call to the voicemail of the person originally dialed. For a dorm phone use this feature if you answer the phone in your room and the call is for your roommate. An office user who answers calls for other users can use this feature to send a call to the voicemail of the called party.

To put a call ON voicemail:

1. Press [FLASH].
2. Dial the ON Voice code *V.
3. Hang up.

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Parked Calls

Parking calls allows you to put a call on hold and then retrieve it from another telephone in the system. Use this feature when you want to put a call on hold, move to another location to obtain information, and then complete the call at the second location.
NOTE: Parked calls come back to you if they are not retrieved within 2 minutes.

To park a call on your extension (for later retrieval at any campus telephone)

1. Press [FLASH]. (recall dialtone).
2. Dial *1 (confirmation tone).
- The call is parked on your extension. NOTE: If you receive intercept tone, another call is already parked.

3. Hang up.

To retrieve a parked call on any campus telephone

1. Dial  #1 (dialtone).
2.Dial the extension where the call is parked. (confirmation tone).
- If you are returning to a call parked at your phone, dial your own extension. - You are connected to the parked call. NOTE: If you receive an intercept tone, the parked call has been disconnected or retrieved by someone else.

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Last Number Dialed (Redial) automatically redials the last number you dialed, either an extension or an outside number. This number can be up to 24 digits and is the last number you dialed manually or with a Kwick Dialing code. Use this feature to save time in redialing a busy or unanswered number.

To automatically redial the last number you dialed:

1. Dial the Last Number Dialed code #0.

- Your telephone will redial up to 24 digits.

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Use Ringback when you place an internal call to a busy or unanswered extension. The system sends you a 3-burst ring when the called extension becomes available, thus eliminating the need for you to redial. You must then lift the handset to ring the other extension. If for some reason the extension cannot accept a new call because it is busy again, you will hear a confirmation tone and then silence. Your call will remain queued.

To automatically place another call to an extension that was busy or did not answer:

1. After dialing, press [FLASH] (recall dialtone)
2. Dial the ON Ringback code *R (confirmation tone)
NOTE: If you receive a reorder tone or an intercept tone, place the call again later.

3. Hang up.
- You will receive a 3-burst hurry ring when the extension you attempted to call becomes available. NOTE: After you activate Ringback, the system watches the called extension. That extension becomes available after the called party completes a call.

4. Lift the handset when you hear hurry ring.
- The call is automatically placed to the extension, which receives regular ringing. NOTE: You can only place one Rinback call at a time, and Ringback is canceled after 30 minutes or if the Ringback call is unanswered.

To cancel ringback:

1. Dial the OFF Ringback code #R (confirmation tone)
2. Hang up.

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Transfer a Call

With the transfer feature, you can transfer a call from an extension to an outside number or another extension. You can also transfer a call from an outside number to an extension. Use this feature when your caller wishes to speak further with someone else or when you need to reroute a call that was intended for a co-worker, but was misdialed. You cannot, however, transfer an outside call to another outside number.

To send a call to another extension:

1. Press [FLASH] (recall dialtone)
- The present call is put on hold.

2. Dial the number to which you will transfer the call.
3. Remain on the line and announce the call if you desire. If the dialed number is busy or goes to the cover path, press [FLASH] Twice, to return to the held call.
NOTE: Only calls from another extension can be sent to an outside number; you cannot transfer a call from an outside number to another outside number.

4. Hang up.

Transfer to voicemail:

1. Tell the calling party you will connect them to leave a message in voice mail.
2. Press [FLASH] (recall dialtone)
3. Dial the transfer cover code TC#, ringing, hear announcement with instructions
4. Dial the 5-digit telephone number for the mailbox followed by a "#" sign, hang up.
NOTE: When you hear the beginning of the announcement with instructions, you may immediately start to dial the 5-digit telephone number and "#" sign. When you hang up, the calling party is connected to the mail box of the number you dialed.

As an option, instead of hanging up, you may [FLASH] after you hear the Campus Message Center give a tone to begin speaking. This will put you in a 3-way conference between the calling party and the mailbox of the number you have dialed. You may then ask the calling party for the various pieces of information. When the message is completed, hang up. To the calling party, this will appear as if you are taking a hand written message, but the called party will later hear the message of you and the calling party speaking.

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Wake Up

WakeUp allows you to request a wakeup or reminder call. You will hear an announcement when called by the system. You can place a request from your extension from 5 minutes to 23 hours and 55 minutes in advance of the call. When your wakeup or reminder time arrives, your telephone will alert you with a 3-burst ring.

To set, change or delete a WakeUp (or reminder) call request:

1. Dial the TURN ON Wakeup code 01WU.
2. Follow the instructions your hear.
3. Using your dial pad buttons, dial in the time you wish to be call, followed by [#].

- Minutes must be multiples of 5.  Example, for 7:03 AM enter 0705#.

4. The alarm does not repeat, it must be set for each use.

NOTE: Due to system limits, this feature can fail. Failure of this feature is not sufficient for an excused absence from class (or anything else). Do not use it as your only alarm clock.

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*This feature is not available for dorm room extensions.