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Audix Voicemail

Analog & Digital Phones

Accessing Your Voicemail

To access the Audix (voice mail) system at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on campus, dial VM# (86#). If you are off campus, dial 482-MAIL (6245).

Logging In

  1. Dial VM# (86#). If you are off campus, dial 482-MAIL (6245).
  2. Dial your 5 digit extension and #
  3. Enter password and #

To obtain your initial password for Audix, please follow these instructions:

  • If you are Faculty or Staff, complete the digital telephone service webform and select voicemail password reset when prompted.
  • If you are a student, please contact your resident dorm counselor.


If you forget your password or have not been issued a password, you will need to request a new one.

Temporary passwords given should be 5 digits to prompt the user to reset.  The first time that you use the temporary password you will be required to change it.  You may want to be prepared with a password that is easy for you to remember, difficult for other to guess, and is between 8 and 15 digits long.

TIP:  Use the letters on the keypad to form words that are easy to remember voicemail passwords.

Greeting Instructions

To record your greeting,  once logged in:

  1. Press 3 from the Activity Menu
  2. Listen to a summary of active greetings
  3. Press 1 to record or re-record a greeting
  4. Enter a number (1-9) for the greeting
  5. Speak greeting at the tone
  6. Press 1 to stop or pause
  7. Edit your message by pressing 1 to continue, press 2 3 to play back, or *D to delete.
  8. Press # to approve
  9. Press # to leave the greeting inactive or follow the prompts to activate the greeting.

Recording Your Name

To record your name, once logged in:

  1. Press 5
  2. Press 5 again from the activity menu
  3. Say your name after the tone
  4. Press 1
  5. Press 1 to re-record (return to step 2) or press 23 to play back
  6. Press # to approve

Menu Selections

Record and Send Messages- Press 1.
Get and Respond to Messages- Press 2.
Create Personal Greetings- Press 3.
Check Outgoing Messages- Press 4.
Change Password/Create Lists/Personal Directories- Press 5.
Scan Messages Quickly- Press 7.


  • Help  *H or *4
  • Return to Activity Menu  *R or *7
  • Delete  *D or *3
  • Undelete  **U or **8
  • Wait  *W or *9
  • Transfer Out of System  *T or *8
  • Look up Name/ Directory  **N or **6
  • Exit System  **X or **9
  • Hold Message in Category  **H or **4
  • Use While Addressing:
  • Alternate Addressing(switch between name/ext.)  *A or *2
  • Use Mailing List  *L or *5

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