New Wireless Name - Better Wireless Service!

There's a new wireless service in town, GeauxWifi (and GeauxGuest, for all of you welcome guests!)

UL-WiFi is the former system that has served the campus well.  And well, it is time for a new system.  GeauxWiFi!

Can't Log in to Office365?

Your Microsoft Office 365 school account username has changed.

Click "More Info" for more info.

Banner 9 is Coming!

Over the next several months Banner 9 will take the place of Banner 8.  Your computer will work best with Banner 9 if you make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements.  Click the link to learn more.

Problems Accessing WebAID?

The latest Java release (8u171) disables browser access to WebAID.

Please visit our WebAID page for instructions on how to enable WebAID access on your machine.


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