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Email Alias Policy

University Computing Support Services (UCSS) maintains the official university email system. A user’s official email address is assigned by UCSS and may not be chosen or modified by the user. The email system allows additional email addresses to be assigned to a user’s email account. These additional email addresses are called aliases and provide an alternate email address. Any email sent to an alias is delivered to the user’s account. UCSS is responsible for the assignment and removal of these aliases.

The following guidelines will be used to determine if a request for an email alias will be granted.

  • Requests for aliases which contain names of offices and/or departments, or abbreviations of same, will not be granted except with the permission of the head of that office/department.
  • Requests for aliases which contain titles, or abbreviations of titles (president, secretary, prez, MathClubPrez, HistorySecretary, DeanOfStudents, etc.) will not be granted except with the permission of the senior officer of the organization being referenced in the alias. If the requested alias is a bare title or abbreviation or a title with no particular organization being referenced (indicating that the title is a university-wide title) the alias will have to be approved by the university council.
  • Requested aliases will not be granted if said alias does not have any relation to the requesting user’s name (i.e. a nickname) or to some official affiliation the user has with the university.
  • Since any alias assigned to an official university email account will be a public identifier, and will be used for official communication with university affiliates, any request for an alias which is deemed to be vulgar, profane, or otherwise inappropriate for public use will be denied.

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