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Help Desk - Process Definitions

The Office of Information Technology would like to better define the IT services offered to the campus community.  Please provide the following information to help define the processes and procedures used to offer services operated, owned, or supported by your department.  

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The UserID you log into your computer with, (CLID or ULID).
Why does it exist, how does it impact the University, what what does it do and with what reliability? attach additional documentation, if necessary
Customer facing are received by the customer Technical are invisible to the customers, used to underpin customer facing processes External processes are sourced from external vendors or agents
Responsible for process provisioning/operation but may not directly run the process
This could be campus customers, internal OIT customers, or other processes.
List the pieces and procedures of the process including any teams or people that are responsible for that piece. Attach additional documentation, if necessary.
Include pricing schemes for different service levels and provisioning; attach additional documentation, if necessary; N/A if none
Required processes, components (hardware, software, personnel, etc); attach additional documentation, if necessary
Known changes or maintenance schedules that may impact service usability, delivery, etc.; time-schedule for change, plan for lower impact, etc. Attach additional documentation, if necessary.
Files must be less than 5 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png pdf doc docx xls xlsx.
Any documentation that exists outside of this document (not attached to webform), file location, name of document, etc.