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Wireless FAQs

What is wireless networking?

Wireless networking allows users of mobile devices such as laptop computers and personal digital assistants (PDA's) to access a computer network (such as the UL Lafayette campus network or the Internet) without the need for a physical (that is, a hardwired) connection.

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Login to ULink to access University online services, announcements, and calendars. 

For Students:

  • Send and Receive University Email.
  • Access Improved Course Registration System.
  • View and Print Unofficial Course Transcript.
  • View and Print Class Schedules.
  • Student Academic Tools and Resources.
  • View Financial Information.
  • Emergency Notification System.

For Faculty and Staff:

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Accessing Moodle

Login to the ULink portal with your username (ULID) and password, and click the Moodle button.

Alternatively, you can also go directly to and login using your username (ULID) and password.

Your home page will show any courses you take (or teach) under "My Courses." Click on the desired course and you will see the available course content in the middle of the page, with various options shown to the left and right of the page.

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University Account

When you become a member of the UL Lafayette campus community, you are issued a University Logon IDentification (ULID) and password. 

This ULID is maintained by University Computing Services (UCS) and is used to access various resources on campus such as:


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