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Android Mail

To set up the default mail client to use ActiveSync/Exchange on your Android based smart phone, use the following instructions:


1.  Navigate to Settings and select Accounts & Sync


2.  Select Add and choose Exchange ActiveSync

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Mobile Phone and Data Service


Wireless telephone service is available for state use under certain circumstances. It is important to understand the subscriber's requirements and know that monthly air service plans and coverage areas differ among wireless vendors.

There are criteria for user eligibility and an established approval process that MUST be followed before wireless telephone services are purchased or rented. The University is responsible for assuring that eligibility, approvals, usage, and billing are appropriate and correct.

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OUITEL - Voicemail

Accessing Your Voicemail

To access the Audix (voice mail) system at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on campus, dial VM# (86#). If you are off campus, dial 482-MAIL (6245).

Logging In

  1. Dial VM# (86#). If you are off campus, dial 482-MAIL (6245).
  2. Dial your 5 digit extension and #
  3. Enter password and #

To obtain your initial password for Audix, please follow these instructions:

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Harassing Phone Calls

Please report all harassing, obscene, or threatening phone calls that you receive to the University Police at extension 26448.

If you are calling from an off-campus phone, the number is 337-482-6448.

Be sure to include the following information about the harassing call when calling the University Police:

  • Phone extension receiving the call
  • Approximate time of call
  • Number placing the call, if available on caller ID
  • Details about the caller, as accurately as can be remembered (gender of voice, tone, accent, etc.)

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Receiving Calls in Error

If all of the calls you receive in error are the result of the caller dialing another extension, a cover path or call forwarding may be turned on. These features provided with the University phone system allows for users to route incoming calls to other phones within the environment of the office or directly to voice mail. If you wish to have this programming changed, please communicate with the user of this extension.

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LOS (Local Only Service)

LOS is a service provided by the University, to allow callers to call people in areas located out of the city limits of Lafayette. Callers can contact people on the order of up to 22 miles from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. These calls will be treated as a local/direct call and no extra charge will be assessed.

The following communities are covered by the LOS: (This is not necessarily a complete list)


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