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Connecting to the Campus Network

NOTE:  The University wireless system was upgraded and updated over Summer 2019.  ULWiFi was replaced by GeauxWiFi.

You are required to register your devices for both the WIRED (Ethernet) and WIRELESS network.

Using Wireless:

Connect and Register Your Device (click wireless network name for instructions for that network)

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Using a Switch in Residence Halls

Wireless routers are NOT allowed in residence halls.

The use of mobile hotspots is also strongly discouraged

The ability to share your cellular data plan with your laptop or other devices can possibly work great for you, but will cause immediate interference for other residents. It is also important to remember that others around you may connect to your cell phone and use your data bandwidth, which may end up costing you overage fees.

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Wireless FAQs

What is wireless networking?

Wireless networking allows users of mobile devices such as laptop computers and personal digital assistants (PDA's) to access a computer network (such as the UL Lafayette campus network or the Internet) without the need for a physical (that is, a hardwired) connection.

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