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Password Help

For CLIDs - abc1234
Spring 2017 students will NOT need/use CLIDs

For ULIDs - C12345678

Creating A Password for Your CLID

If you do not know or need to create your password for the first time, you may do so online via:

Once you enter in your C.L.ID into this utility, you will be prompted to answer 3 security questions. The answers to these questions are sensitive to case as well as formatting. See examples below.

  • What is your date of birth?  Your answer must include the 2 number month, 2 number day, and 4 number year INCLUDING the dashes (ex. 01-01-1990)
  • What email address did you use on your University application? The email address the University had on file for you, in all lower case letters (ex.
  • What is the City/Town you were born in? The City/Town must begin with a capital letter and NOT include the state (ex. Lafayette)
  • What are the last four digits of your SSN? Enter in ONLY the last 4 digits

NOTE - Each password must contain ONLY alphanumeric characters, period, comma OR hyphen (no other special characters).

If you are unable to successfully answer these questions, you will need to come to the Help Desk in person with a valid picture ID so that we can reset your password manually.

Under no circumstances can passwords be reset over the phone or by email.

Activating & Creating A Password for Your ULID

When you are first issued your ULID, you will need to activate and create a password for your account using the Password Management Utility.

It is important to complete ALL six steps.
Failure to complete all six steps will result in login errors.

The Activation Utility is only compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome browsers.

  1. On the Activate Account page, enter in your First Name, Last Name, ULID and click Activate
    Confirmation message "Your user account has been successfully activated. Be sure to complete the process, or you will be able to access your account."
  2. Click Continue
  3. Enter in a password in the New Password blank and Confirm Password blank, click Change Password
    Confirmation message "Your password has been changed successfully"
  4. Click Continue
  5. Enter in the answers for your security questions, click Save Answers
    Confirmation message "Thank you. Your secret questions and answers have been successfully saved. If you ever forget your password, you can use the answer to these questions to reset your password."
  6. Click Continue
    Confirmation message "You are now logged out"

Download step by step instructions for account activation.