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UConnect (VPN Access to Campus Resources)

University faculty and staff may access campus resources from an off-campus computer using a service called UConnect, which uses Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology.

If you have been using Remote Desktop or PuTTY to access your work computer or other campus resources from off-campus, you will need to sign in to UConnect before you can connect to other University computers and servers.

Before you are able to use UConnect, you will need to request a UConnect account.

There are two options for using UConnect:

  • a portal, which is accessed via web browser 
  • a client, which is accessed by a desktop shortcut installed on your home computer 

UConnect Portal vs. UConnect Client: What's the difference?

UConnect: Portal vs. Client
UConnect Portal UConnect Client
No software installation required Requires installation and configuration of special software
Can be used from any device with Internet access Can only be accessed from the device with the installed software
Allows user to access other Internet resources while logged in to UConnect Blocks user from using other Internet connections while logged in to UConnect - all Internet traffic passes through the University's network
Requires extra steps to edit files stored on fileshares Editing files on UConnect is no different from doing it at the office