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Outlook Client

University Computing Support Services is officially announcing the support of the Outlook Desktop Client for Windows and Mac!

Outlook Office 365 Client Image

Where can I use the Outlook Client?

  • University owned and managed PCs or Macs only
  • Windows 10 PCs running version 1803 or higher with the Office 365 ProPlus x64 Suite
  • Macs running Mojave with Office 2019 for Mac only

How do I know what version of Windows I am running?

You can follow Microsoft's instructions of obtaining your current windows version by following this link.

How do I know what version of MacOS I am running?

You can follow Apple's instructions of obtaining your MacOS version be going to this link.

How do I upgrade Windows if I dont have the correct version?

You can use the online upgrade form to request an upgrade.

How do I request an upgrade to the Mac OS I am running?

You can email to request a MacOS upgrade.

How can I setup the Outlook Client?

Here is instructions on setup up the Outlook Client on Windows and Mac.

How can I upgrade to the Outlook Client if I still have Zimbra?

You can follow the Instructions to Remove Zimbra and upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus here

Can I install the Outlook Client on my home PC or Mac?

Any Student, Faculty, or Staff member can install Office 365 up to 5 times while they are affiliated with the University. This configuration is not supported on Campus workstations, however you can view a tutorial on setting up Office 365 for home use here.

What is the difference between the Outlook Client and Outlook for the Web?

You can view a comparison of Outlook for the Web, the Outlook Client and the Android App on Microsoft's Outlook Comparison Site.

How can I turn off the Focused Inbox?

You can review how to turn off this feature here on Microsoft's site.

Can I open a Departmental Shared Mailbox (DSM) from the Outlook Client?

Yes you can and here are the instructions for opening Departmental Shared Mailboxes.

What can I do with the Outlook Client?

You can get an over view of what Outlook can do on Microsoft's Outlook site. Here is a list of some common tutorials in the Outlook Client:

Please contact the IT Service Desk for any issue or more information you need about the Outlook Client.