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Sharing a Calendar

  1. Login to Zimbra Web Client.
  2. Click the Calendar tab.
  3. Right click the calendar of interest.
  4. Select Share Calendar.
  5. Under Share with, select Internal users or groups.
  • Enter Email
  • Select Role.
  • Optionally check “Allow user(s) to see my private appointments.”
  • Zimbra will send an email (they will Accept or Decline).

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Telephone Services

OUITEL (Overall University Information TELephone) provides telephone communications for the campus.

The advanced digital switch provides a multitude of features

  • Call coverage paths
  • Call parking
  • Multi-person conference calling
  • Complete voice mail services 

OUITEL connects you to long distance services via LINC for business calls and an AOS system for personal calls.



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Network Enhancement

During the Fall 2010 STEP cycle, the STEP Council voted to fund two major projects that will have a significant impact on the University's network and the institution's ability to expand voice, data, and video services to the campus community.

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A mechanism has been put in place for the maintenance and support of the student funded technologies on campus.  On April 15, 2010, the STEP Council approved a STEP Sustainability Plan designed to ensure that laboratories, smart classrooms, and infrastructure funded by STEP can be maintained and continue to provide satisfactory service to students.  The Plan allocates one third (33%) of STEP revenues to a fund for the following six primary purposes:

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Over Quota Error

If you are unable to send or receive emails, you will need to check your quota usage. The bar below your name at the top right corner of the window displays your usage. A green bar indicates that you still have plenty of quota remaining. The bar will turn yellow when you are nearing your quota. A red bar means that you no longer have any room in your mailbox and you need to delete some messages. Mouse over the bar to display exactly how much of your quota you have used up.

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Email Known Issues

1. Check your Zimbra Junk Folder Regularly

When you receive new mail, Zimbra checks to see if it is spam.  Any emails that score high enough on the spam filter in Zimbra are placed in your Junk folder for your review.  It is best practice to frequently check your Junk folder to see if there are any "good" e-mails that were erroneously sent to the Junk folder. 

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Zimbra POP Settings

If you are configuring a mail client to use POP for your Zimbra account, use these settings:

Your username/email address:
Password:  Your current Password

Incoming Mail Server:

  • POP server:
  • Port:  143
  • Type of Encryption:  TLS
  • Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server: CHECK

Outgoing (SMTP) Server:


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